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Appointments and Services

How long is my appointment?

Our appointments run for an hour and half in your private suite and your assigned experienced consultant.

How many appointments am I allowed to have?

As many as you need! We are here to help you find your dream dress and will support you until you find your dress.

Is your Store Wheelchair accessible?

Yes, it is, a handicap parking is
available right in front of the store for easy access.

How many guests can I bring with me to my appointment?

(During COVID-19)
Stage 1 > 1 -2 Guests
Stage 2 > 2- 3 Guests
Stage 3 > 3-4 Guests

After COVID-19
Maximum of 6 guests per weekend appointment.

What should I bring with me for my appointment?

Bring a family member or a friend who you trust their opinion, wear seamless nude or white under garment and if you are planning in wearing any special undergarment (such as Spanx) also bring them along.

If you have your heels already you can always bring those heels with you.

We also ask our guests to take their shoes off at the door so you can bring your indoor shoes and/ or a slipper. (We provide a sanitized slippers to use if needed).

Do you provide Champagne for when they say yes?

Unfortunately, due to licenses issues we are not able to serve you any alcoholic drinks, you are able to bring your own, please make sure you clean up after yourself and dispose all your used glasses and bottle outside the boutique.

If any dress gets damaged in the process you will be responsible for dry cleaning fees.


Do you carry Plus size dresses?

Yes! we carry variety of dresses in
sizes 18W-28W.

Do you carry Bridal accessories?

Yes, we have big collection of
Tiaras, Headpieces, Jewelry such as earrings, Garters, and veils to complete your bridal look.

Do you offer in house alterations?

Yes, we do. We offer in-house alterations for dresses that has been bought at our store. Typical alterations package costs $450 for all alterations (not including any customization).

Typically, 6-8 Weeks is required for alterations to be done and at least 2-3 fittings to make the dress fit perfectly to your body.

What brands/designers do you carry?

1. Chic Bridals
2. Enzoani
3. Blue by Enzoani
4. Pronovias
5. Allure
6. Sincerity by Justin alexander
7. Adore by Justin Alexander
8. Mikaella Bridal
9. Madi Lane
10. Wilderly


1. Chic Bridals
2. Allin Rae
3. Malis Henderson
4. Pronovias
5. DS Bridal

Do you carry Bridesmaids dresses?

We only Carry MultiWrap dresses from Eliza and Ethan, these dresses are available in one size. Multiway dresses can be twisted, wrapped and tied to create countless different styles limited only by your imagination. ... Try a multiway dress today and see for yourself how much fun you can have with them. You can style every one in a different way to suit each bridesmaids size and shape

Do you carry flower girl dresses?

Unfortunately, we do not carry any flower girl dresses, we usually recommend looking online or at David’s bridal.

Do you carry Mother of Bride/Groom dresses?

We carry evening dresses in our sister store La Maison Prom and Evening that would be suitable for Mothers.

Can two Brides try on dresses at the same time?

Congratulations to you and your Fiancé!!! We can’t wait to help you find your dresses.

It is all up to you; however, typical we don’t recommend 2 brides trying on dresses at the same time, that will take away from the “Bridal Experience”. We do recommend booking appointments back-to-back
on the same day if you prefer so both brides will enjoy the process.

Alternatively, if you both want appointments at the boutique without seeing each other, it is completely possible, our team will have you in different bridal suites away from each other and ensure your process goes effortlessly and efficiently. please give us a call or email us to arrange for both appointments.

Do you rent your dresses?

No, we don’t do rentals, but we
do carry a sale collection with pricing starting as low as $400.

How can we help?

Ordering and Returns

I found a dress that I'm in love with, what is the process to order it?

Congratulations on finding your dream dress!!!!

The process is pretty easy, book your follow up appointment with us. your consultant will start by taking some measurements to determine the size needed. Discuss with your stylist the color or any optional changes if any required.

We ask for 60% deposit on the dress and 40% when it comes in, or the full amount if you would like to finish it off. Now your all set! the dress will be ordered and you will receive an email when your dress arrives in the boutique.

How long does it take to order a wedding Dress?

We typically recommend minimum of 7-8 Months to order a wedding dress, that being said some designers take less time than others and would take 4-6 months to order.

Some designers offer Rush options and dresses can be ordered for 2-3 Months depending on designer.

Please take in consideration alterations for the dress typically takes 2-3 Months.

I have ordered/ purchased a dress and would like to refund or exchange it?

Unfortunately, as per to your sales agreement that was signed during your purchase, we don’t do any refunds or exchange on any dress, service or accessories for any given circumstance.

My Wedding has been Canceled; can you sell my dress for me?

Unfortunately, we do not do consignment on our previously bought dresses, you can recommend Facebook marketplace, ever after boutique in Perth or

Can you order a dress that the store doesn’t carry?

If the dress is from a designer that we carry Yes, it is possible. However, it is a final sale and it's fully non-refundable or exchangeable. We are irresponsible of any color variation nor design.

Some designers offer loaner programs, which we can check with them to see if we can loan a sample. All loaning fees and shipping is the customers responsibilities and is non-refundable. The cost of loaning the sample will be applied to the total of the dress if the customer ends up buying this specific dress, otherwise the fees are non-refundable.

Typical loaning fees can go up to $300-500 depending on designer.

**Please check with a supervisor/ Manager for a list of loaners for each designer.

My wedding is coming up soon, can you steam the dress for me?

Of course, we offer Complementary steaming for your wedding dress, we recommend dropping the dress of for steaming a week before and pick up just 2/3 days before the big day. If your dress is a ballgown, then we ask you to bring with you 2 Clean Fitted Bed sheets to wrap the dress with sheets to prevent wrinkling when picked up.

I have gained weight and my dress doesn’t fit me anymore, what happens if I can’t lose the weight on time, what can we do?

Most dresses would have a half an inch to an inch in the seam-lines that can be used to let out the dress, that is equivalent to one size, some dresses would have more room as well.

Another option would be is changing the back of the dress to a corset back and that can be done easily for most dresses, which would allow for additional 2-3 inches on the dress.

Book an appointment ASAP with the seamstress to discuss how much room needed and if any extra fabric is required to be ordered in.

I still need to order my accessories, how long would it take?

For any headpiece, tiara or earrings we carry some stock in store, however Veils will take a minimum of 2-3 months so we recommend ordering at lease 3-4 months before your wedding to be in the safe side.